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Slack bot that posts stock prices with watch lists and play money portfolios

Go Report Card WTFPL licensed CircleCI Docker Repository on Quay

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Simple Slack bot that posts stock prices, manages play money portfolios and watch lists.


go get -t -d


docker pull


If you’d like to deploy your own version of stocktopus to DigitalOcean cloud there are terraform files provided in deploy/terraform, simply run terraform apply. You’ll need to provide a do api key and provide your own hostname.




make docker

Binaries should be output to bin/ directories.


docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -e REDISADDR=<redis endpoint> -e REDISPW=<redis password>


The slash command will respond to slash commands. Single tickers will be a quote and inline graph.

/stocktopus GOOGL

for a complete list of commands the bot supports.

/stocktopus help

In addition to what is covered in the help menu, stocktopus also supports team-wide watchlists. To utilize these you use the same format as you would for your personal watch list but simple add a name after a # character immediately after the command.

For example: /stocktopus watch #funlist GOOG Would add GOOG to a watch list called funlist, and then anyone in your Slack team can access that same list Ex. /stocktopus list #funlist

You might also want to watch/buy or lookup securities listed on non-US exchanges. To do so simply add the exchange followed by a colon(:) before the ticker name. Ex. /stocktopus tse:are to list the ARE stock from the Toronto Stock Exchange

Note: other exchanges are no longer supported by the application. To enable this feature on a local build, you can build with alphavantage instead of IEX using make docker-alpha


Data provided for free by IEX

Privacy Policy

Stocktopus does not collect any personal identifying information. It does not store a history of your requests. The only data it does store is a unique ID received from Slack for a user if they opt to use the list or play money features. If you use the list or play money features it also stores the list of stocks a user has bought or added to their watch list.


If you have questions comments or concerns about the app please email

Special Thanks to /u/shirokarasu over at r/DrawForMe for creating the icon